Systèmes de jeu

Art De La Guerre est une règle de jeu avec figurines permettant de créer des affrontements entre des armées de la période antique et médiévale.

Bataille Empire est une règle de jeu avec figurines qui couvre la période de guerres révolutionnaires et du Premier Empire soit entre 1792 et 1815.

Mortem et Gloriam is a successful set of battle rules for the Ancients period, spanning 2500BCE through to firearms becoming widespread around 1500CE.

Saga est un jeu d’escarmouche se déroulant durant les âges héroïques, qu’ils soient issus de l’Histoire, de la mythologie ou de l’imagination des hommes. Il met en scène le combat mené par des hommes d’exceptions, les Seigneurs, qui à la tête de leur bande vont défier leurs ennemis sur le champ de bataille.

Fabricants de figurines

BAUEDA products are designed to give you the very best quality in materials as well as in craftsmanship!
We only use high grade polyurethane for our resin casts, one of the highest quality product available on the market; it is very durable and hard-wearing.
Our metal cast are made using an alloy that doesn’t contain lead.

Campaign Game Miniatures is our own make of figures as well as the name of our website.
We started in 2000 and have a reputation for a good, fast and friendly personal service. CGM figs, as we call them, is an ongoing project.
Many of our variants in figures were done on customer suggestions.

Welcome to our shop.
Here, you can order figures and models either fully painted from our A&M range or unpainted from our Donnington ‘Originals’ and Donnington ‘New Era’
15mm miniature collections.

We have been established for over 25 years and since then we have been proud to provide a prompt and efficient world-wide service to all of our customers. We design and manufacture each of our 15mm and 25mm miniatures on-site at our factory/store in Essex to a very high standard as well as stocking the latest and greatest games & rulesets and gaming accessories.


All figures cast in white metal.
2mm & 6mm figures in ready based strips.
10mm-75mm figures priced & sold individually.

We make both historical and adventure (fantasy, sci-fi, and pulp) miniature figurines and vehicle models in a variety of scales.

Metal figures for wargamers and collectors.
Here you’ll find the list of 15 and 20 mm figures sculptured by Giuseppe Barbazeni.
Each figure is the result of an accurate historical research.
The figures are realized in metal alloy, are protected by the laws on copyright and are the result of an accurate historical research.

Figures for Wargames

Magister Militum was founded in 2002 by Richard and Zoë Clewer. Our company manufactures and imports of some of the finest wargaming figures, scenery and accessories money can buy, with over 14,700 products on our website. We truly are Giants in a Land of Miniatures!

Welcome to MINIATURE FIGURINES & MATCHLOCK MINIATURES. Now part of CALIVER BOOKS we have more stuff for wargamers than anyone else on the planet!

Mirliton S.G. is the renowed owner of Mirliton: and Grenadeir: visit our others site and discover historical and fantasy miniatures for your games

Museum Miniatures (QT Models) have been around for over 40 years in one way or another. We started life as a Model Shop in Bridlington a coastal resort in Yorkshire, England during the early 70s. We started selling wargaming figures and as the hobby became more and more popular we started designing and casting a few unobtainable miniatures for our local wargamers. Things they couldn’t get hold of elsewhere.

This is the Old Glory website. This site caters to lead table-top miniatures gaming. Here you can find out information and purchase online Old Glory’s products, including miniatures and rules sets, as well as the ranges of manufacturers Old Glory is licenced to produce or distribute.

Perry Miniatures is run by well known 28mm sculptors Alan & Michael Perry. They are former sculptors of Foundry and Games Workshop.

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15mm Figures , Models and Rules for Wargaming

Corvus Belli ( and Totentanz Miniatures ( have reached an agreement to produce, under license, Corvus Belli’s 15mm historical miniature ranges which went out of production a time ago.

Buy 28mm & 54mm British & French Napoleonic figures; Greeks, Romans, WWII aircraft model kits and more. Quality Waterloo or Peninsular war miniatures.

Premium quality 15mm Ancient Miniatures


Battlefields Factory vous propose toute une gamme de décors pour vos jeux de guerres aux échelles 15 et 28 mm afin d’enrichir votre expérience ludique.

Spécialiste de la découpe laser, nous vous proposons de rendre vos différents univers age sombre, guerres mondiales (WW1 et WW2 ), futuristes ou fantastiques encore plus immersifs.

Nous réalisons également des accessoires, des marqueurs, des plateaux de jeu et bien d’autres produits conçus par des joueurs, pour des joueurs.

Accessoires pour Wargames

Welcome to Fireforge Games,
This company arose from the passion for wargaming, and you probably share that passion with us if you are reading this note.
We have a dream, which is the dream of creating the most beautiful and historically-accurate plastic miniatures in the world, the kind of miniatures that we, as hobbyists, would like to own, assemble, paint, put on a gaming table with pride, and lead to victory in our gaming campaigns. Our dream is to create a complete gaming system, miniatures , and supplements that will allow you to enjoy infinite hours of  hobby and entertainment.
Welcome to Fireforge Games, welcome to our dream …
Fireforge Games is an italian company focused on the creation and distribution of wargaming multi-part figures and rulebooks, in hard plastic and resin for historical and fantasy players.
We are all passionate and long-time wargamers and hobbyists, and this passion is the main ingredient behind our work.
Our mission is to give you, and ourselves, fun and entertainment with our figures and games.

The best fantasy miniatures in the world. Forever.

Modelling materials, amazing paints, special tools and other resources for scultors and steampunker enthusiasts who love creativity above all. Discover us!

Javis Manufacturing Ltd

We are manufacturers, importers and distributors of hobby and model products supplying the retail, industrial and educational markets.

Little Green Painting Studio

My name is Ilya (aka ‘zendor’), and « Little Green » is my miniature painting studio. I specialise in painting wargame miniatures in 15mm and 28/32mm scales.

I would be glad to take commissions on any painting projects with all the fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and other miniatures ranges like Warhammer Fantasy (The 9th Age), Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Freebooter, Dystopian Wars, Dropzone Commander, etc., and also miniatures for any boardgames like Zombicide, Super Dungeon Explore, Dreadball, etc.

As well, I am willing to take commissions on all the historical ranges from any manufacturers for any historical game system: Flames of War, DBA, DBM/DBMM, Field of Glory, L’Art de la Guerre, Impetus armies, SAGA warbands, and all the rest. If you need an advice, I can help you to choose and order suitable miniatures to form your historical armies.

Also, I make a game scenery in 15mm scale.

I am able to take on any size projects, and guarantee you the high quality, reliability, accuracy and attention to details.

The Army Painter has loads of Hobby Galleries for whatever system, size or theme.
Take a look below or search our Gallery to find inspiration for your next army project. Don’t be fooled – it is a s easy as it looks!

Whims and accessories for wargamers,collectors…

Woodland Scenics manufactures high-quality products for hobbyists to create realistic model scenery for model railroads, architectural layouts, dioramas, gaming, military models, miniatures and more.


You want a dice set that is as awesome as your character’s favorite weapon. That’s why we only source the best dice sets we can find and carefully examine each individual die before we ship it to you.​ 
The best dice sets require more than just a pretty face. They should be balanced, durable, and readable too. We evaluate many potential styles and colors and we only put what we consider the best dice into our store: D&D sets that we would be happy to take with us on our own campaigns.

Le principe de Figbazar est que tous les figurinistes puissent avoir un lieu où ils puissent vendre, acheter ou échanger leurs matériels.

Le blog de Thierry

Ce blog est consacré aux jeux d’histoire avec figurines (10, 15 et 28mm) et à l’histoire sous toutes ses formes.

A website covering 25/8mm, 15mm & 10mm historical wargaming, famous for its massive 10mm WW2 and 15mm Ancients photo galleries, FoG Ancients and Renaissance Wiki’s, the FoG and FoGR Wiki’s, 15mm Suppliers Index, The Wargamers Blah Generator, post match reports and especially insightful post match analysis from Hannibal.

Depuis plus de 40 ans, Philibert c’est le spécialiste du jeu de société.
Situés au cœur de Strasbourg, nos deux magasins proposent un large catalogue : jeux de société, jeux de rôles, jeux classiques, jeux de cartes, jeux de figurines, etc.
Notre équipe de Philiboyz&Girlz est là pour vous conseiller la quintessence du jeu de société, pour tous les goûts et pour tous les âges.

Tout Pour le Jeu, c’est l’idée de passionnées de jeux de société qui sont à votre écoute pour vous fournir les pièces introuvables. L’objectif de cette boutique est de pouvoir fournir des pions, dés, sabliers, palets, jetons, cartes aux créateurs de jeux, aux particuliers à qui ils manquent des pièces, aux professionnels qui veulent créer un jeu personnalisé…

Vae Victis est un magazine francophone bimestriel traitant du jeu d’histoire (« wargame » en est l’appellation courante issue de l’anglais), créé en 1995. Il couvre aussi bien le jeu d’histoire sur carte, avec des pions, que le jeu d’histoire avec des figurines.

Le nom du magazine est tiré de la locution latine « Vae Victis »et fait référence aux jeux d’histoire publiés en encart de chacun de ses numéros.

C’est actuellement la principale revue française dédiée aux jeux d’histoires et wargames

L’Entreprise est spécialisée dans la création, vente et personnalisation d’accessoires de jeu, ainsi que dans le développement de logiciels informatiques.

Nous réalisons des pièces qui viennent en complément des jeux existants, ou qui sont devenues introuvables chez les éditeurs. Nous sommes également à l’écoute des projets de créateurs de jeux pour leur proposer la réalisation d’un ou plusieurs prototypes de qualité à présenter à des éditeurs.

Nous participons activement aux tournois, conventions ou salons de jeu organisés par des associations, et pouvons proposer nos services avec démonstration sur place.